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International shipments

AR Central Closeout Crop is not a shipping company or customs agents, most international shipments are made through the customs agency of your choice, which will be responsible for the transport and entry of the goods in the country of destination .

We offer shipping service through Fedex from our warehouses in Miami to the location within the US. of customs agent you have hired. (The cost of this service is borne by the customer)

We can also refer you to some carriers with whom we have worked in the past for certain countries. Contact your sales representative for additional information.

Most of our mixed boxes contain nail polish that can be considered a dangerous good in some countries. Check with the local customs officials or the customs agency that you have hired to ensure that you can enter this type of merchandise into your country.

US and Canada shipments

We offer shipping services through Fedex at a reduced rate. FedEx is used for all purchases in the United States and Canada, as well as for some international destinations.

All FedEx orders include tracking and require a direct signature of an adult. It is very important that you verify that your information is correct on your invoice.


AR Central Closeout Corp. is not responsible for any items that may be stopped, lost, stolen or any charges that may be associated with international transportation or nationalization. Be sure to contact your customs agency before placing your order with us and verify that you can receive the items.