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Beauty Creations Long wear Matte Lipgloss - Wholesale Display 144pcs (DLP01)

Price per Piece: $1.40 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $3.50 USD

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Wholesale 24 Different colors . 6 of each color 

We have specially formulated our matte lip gloss to provide a full coverage in a wide array of bold and unique colors that dry to a smooth and matte finish.

(UPC) Use this code for more information:

603149296282 PRETTY IN PINK
603149296299 CHOCOLATE
603149296305 FOREVER RED
603149296312 BRONZE
603149296329 ATTRACTIVE
603149296336 BLOODY MARY
603149296343 PINKY PROMISE
603149296350 DARE DEVIL
603149296367 ORCHID
603149296374 ONLY YOURS
603149296381 SENSUAL
603149296398 LOVE SPELL
603149296404 IRRESISTIBLE
603149296411 CRANBERRY
603149296428 DOLL
603149296435 BAE
603149296442 SWEET HEART
603149296459 ANGEL
603149296466 DARE ME
603149296473 MINE
603149296480 ANGEL KISS
603149296497 UNFORGETTABLE
603149296503 URSULA
603149296510 KISS ME

17.0 lb
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