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Essie Treat Love & Color Nail Polish & Strengthener Assorted - Wholesale Pack 59PCS (ETLC)

Price per Piece: $1.65 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $4.13 USD
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Essie TREAT, LOVE & COLOR is our first advanced 1-step strength & color in a collection of knockout nail polish shades.

our formula, in a range of caring shades, delivers strength to improve dry brittle nails and a beautiful color manicure. have it all, TREAT LOVE & COLOR is your key to nail beauty with benefits.

0.46 oz

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095008029528 4PCS
095008026916 4PCS
095008032610 4PCS
095008027852 4PCS
095008027715 4PCS
095008029535 4PCS
095008027623 4PCS
095008029504 4PCS
095008027753 4PCS
095008032597 4PCS
095008032566 4PCS
095008025469 4PCS
095008027739 4PCS
095008027647 4PCS
095008026893 4PCS
095008027845 4PCS
095008027746 4PCS
095008029511 4PCS
095008027869 4PCS
095008029542 2PCS

8.4 lb
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