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Moira Beauty Matte Liquid Lips Assorted - Wholesale Display 104PCS + 26 Tester (MLLSET26)

Price per Piece: $4.01 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $10.03 USD

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Wholesale Moira Matte Liquid Lips Brings shade Opaque lip color that goes on creamy and dries to a matte finish. Has a special Spatula Applicator helps apply the color in one swipe.

  • Long lasting all day wear.
  • Cruelty Free / Vegan.
  • Testers included.

0.17 oz

(UPC) Use this code for more information:

816180020642  ROYAL  MLL001
816180020659  DUSK   MLL002
816180020666 BELLA  MLL003
816180020673 VEIL      MLL004
816180020680 GIGGLE MLL005
816180020697 FLASH  MLL006
816180020703 LOVERY MLL007
816180020710 CUSTARD MLL008
816180020727 TICKLE      MLL009
816180020734 PASSION   MLL010
816180020741 SYRUP MLL011
816180020758 TOAST MLL012
816180020765  ROULETTE MLL013
816180020772 PINCH  MLL014
816180020789 MELT MLL015
816180020796 VENUS MLL016
816180020802 HUSH MLL017
816180020819 COOL RED MLL018
816180020826 POP MLL019
816180020833 NOVEL MLL020
816180020840 HAZE MLL021
816180020857 MODE MLL022
816180020864 MURK MLL023
816180020871 ROSEY MLL024
816180020888 DELICATE MLL025
816180020895 BRICK MLL026

*Some references include acrylic screens that have no additional cost, because it is a fragile material, we cannot have to suffer some degree of transport damage.*



10.1 lb
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