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Beyond Idol Matte Stick Foundation - Wholesale Display 140PCS (SFDP)

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Price per Piece: $1.97 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $4.93 USD
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  • Matte + Velvet Stick Foundation.
  • Cream Type Stick.
  • Easy For Instant Use.
  • High Coverage
  • High-end Design
(UPC) Usa este código para más información :

692278395263 (MS01)
692278395270 (MS02)
692278395287 (MS03)
692278395294 (MS04)
692278395300 (MS05)
692278395317 (MS06)
692278395324 (MS07)
692278395331 (MS08)
692278395348 (MS09)
692278395355 (MS010)
692278395362 (MS11)
692278395379 (MS12)
692278395386 (MS13)
692278395393 (MS14)
692278395409 (MS15)
692278395416 (MS16)
692278395423 (MS17)
692278395430 (MS18)
692278395447 (MS19)
692278395454 (MS20)

 *We can not guarantee the condition of any acrylic/cardboard display as they are extremely delicate and may get damaged during delivery.*

15.2 lb
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