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Essie Nail Lacquer Nail Polish Assorted Colors - Wholesale Pack 38 Units (ENLA)

Price per Piece: $1.93 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $4.83 USD

Wholesale Essie products are a great mix for online sellers, flea market vendors or retail stores. You are paying a small percentage of the actual retail value. You may find a mix of the following items within your box. 

0.46 oz

(UPC) Use this code for more information:

095008031002 2PCS
095008036175 2PCS
095008021454 2PCS
095008023854 2PCS
095008037721 2PCS
095008035062 2PCS
095008037684 2PCS
095008031026 2PCS
095008036205 2PCS
095008031040 2PCS
095008030890 2PCS
095008036182 2PCS
095008006208 2PCS
095008034997 2PCS
095008035017 2PCS
095008034980 2PCS
095008018683 2PCS
095008031033 2PCS
095008006192 1PCS
095008035000 1PCS

5.0 lb
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