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L.A. Girl Pro Coverage - Wholesale Display 144PCS (GCD253.1)

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Price per Piece: $4.60 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $11.50 USD
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¡Resell makeup! lightweight high coverage base, perfect for a long lasting makeup with impeccable finish. It contains antioxidants that help to hydrate and improve the appearance of the skin. Its formulation is free of parabens and fragrances. Among its high range of tones is a white base that serves to mix with your base to get the perfect color.

*Some references include acrylic screens that have no additional cost, because it is a fragile material, we cannot have to suffer some degree of transport damage.*

(UPC) Use this code for more information:

081555966416 WHITE
081555966423 FAIR
081555966430 PORCELAIN
081555966447 NATURAL
081555966454 NUDE BEIGE 
081555966461 BEIGE
081555966478 WARM BEIGE
081555966485 SOFT HONEY
081555966492 TAN
081555966508 SAND
081555966515 BRONZE
081555966522 WARM CARAMEL 
081555966539 TOAST
081555966546 COFFEE
081555966553 RICH COCOA
081555966560 DARK CHOCOLATE


33.6 lb
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