Frequently Asked Question

We are a company founded in 2010, Authorized Distributors of wholesale cosmetics of the best known brands in the world, we are dedicated to supply our customers with original cosmetics at the best quality and unbeatable prices.

What type of cosmetics do you sell? Are they brand new, shelf pulls or customer returns?
We handle three types of cosmetics:
Shelves Liquidations These are cosmetics that have been on the shelves of retail stores, such as Walgreens, Rite-Aide, CVS & Walmart.

These items are removed from the store shelves due to a change of season, change of packaging by the manufacturer, or in the product formula.

The shelf items are NOT customer returns, these items have never been purchased.Keep in mind that shelving cosmetics may include price and discount stickers, and their packaging may be in less than perfect condition due to storage and handling.

Some of these cosmetics have the possibility of being expired, however 98% of all cosmetics do not have an expiration date printed on the packaging, so it is not feasible to determine if they have expired.

Once we receive these items, we check them and discard the damaged items. Then mix them to create our mixed boxes which contain products of different categories.

Inventory Liquidations: Are generally products that never got to store shelves.These items were bought by large retailers and left in their stores.This usually happens because they buy too many pieces and cannot sell them before the end of the season.

Our liquidated cosmetics usually come in their factory boxes and do not have retail stickers and their packaging is in excellent condition unless otherwise indicated. Liquidations are also very limited sometimes, we can only have access to a few thousand pieces of a particular item and once it is sold out we cannot get it again.

Direct Factory: are cosmetics we purchase directly from the manufacturer. Unlike those from shelves or liquidations, factory direct items are 100% fresh from the factory and never expire. These items can also be reordered again and again. These items will also arrive in their packaging and will never have a price or discount stickers.

We are exclusive distributors for LA Girl, LA Color and City Color in South Florida. Also authorized distributors of other world-renowned brands.

Some of our shelf-pulled or liquidated items may be expired. Since 98% of all cosmetics do not come with an expiration date printed on them it makes it very difficult to determine the expiration date. Most products come with a lot number printed on them which have no correlation to the actual date.
A lot number can look something like this: AX23Y2D

This number makes it very difficult to cross reference the actual expiration date. Throughout the years some websites have popped up claiming to be able to check expiration dates, but none of these sites are backed by the actual manufacturers of these brands. So the information found on them may not be reliable. You will not even be able to find this information if you were to go to Maybelline or L'Oreal's websites.

Expiration dates can usually be found on items that contain SPF, like foundations or powders. These items that contain SPF will have the actual date with month printed on the packaging. Once the expiration date passes the SPF runs out and will no longer protect against the sun.

Keep in mind that the majority of cosmetics are good for a very long time as long as they have never been opened. You can now start to find items in stores without expiration dates or lot numbers. They are now transitioning to what is called "PAO" which stands for Period After Opening.

What these symbols mean is that the product is good for the number of months shown in the picture above after they have been opened.

Our factory Direct Items are not expired and are what is called continuous stock and factory fresh. This includes brands such as LA Girl, LA Color, City Color, Kleancolor, Nabi, and many more.

Unlike other suppliers, we like to be very upfront with our customers when it comes to our products condition. Contact one of our sales representatives and they will be more than happy to help you with any questions regarding expiration dates.

- Transfer- Bank wire and Deposit
- Credit cards
- Paypal
- Cash


Credit card and PayPal transactions are subject to an anti-fraud system that approves or not the transaction.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We limit credit card and PayPal transactions to $500 USD for your first order. If your purchase exceeds this amount, a bank transfer, money order or deposit will be required.

If you have any doubt, one of our Sales Representatives can advise you.

IF YOU PAY BY CREDIT CARD,complete your order as follows.

- Delivery address:Enter the address and data of your carrier within the US, this will be the place where we will deliver your order.

- Billing address:Enter the address and billing information of your credit card and country of destination.

IF YOU PAY BY PAYPAL,complete your order as follows.

- Register the delivery address within your Paypal account: Be sure to go to your paypal account and add the address and data of your freight carrier within the US, this will be the place where we will deliver your order.

- Delivery address: When you are processing the order, enter the address and data of your freight carrier within the US, this will be the place where we will deliver your order.

- Billing address: Enter the address and billing information of your Paypal account and country of destination.


Once your order has been registered and an order number is generated, you will receive an email with the bank information. Once the payment is made, you will have to send proof of payment, transfer or deposit to your Sales Representative and to

The client must assume each and every one of the bank transfer or transfer fees that his local bank may have. If the amount received in our account is less than the invoiced amount, an adjustment will be made to your order.

Remember to give the instruction when you are making the wire or deposit bank, that you assume the cost of the transaction so that the value that is transferred to us corresponds to the total invoiced.

Canceled orders may be subject to a cancellation fee.

1. Order directly on our website.
2. Through your Sales Representative
3. By email to
4. By phone 1-888-265-6313 or 954-391-5124 USA
5. In person visiting our warehouse: 3390 NW. 168th St. Miami, FL 33056 USA

1.1 Orders within the US and Canada.
If the final destination of the order is within the US and Canada, you can process your order online and the system will also show you the shipping value, we ship through Fedex.

1.2 Orders outside the US
You must have a carrier that is responsible for transporting the merchandise to your country, if you do not already have it, please request that one of our Sales Representatives contact you to provide advice on this.
The website will liquidate the shipping value from our warehouse in Miami to your carrier within the US.When you are registering your order, enter the address of your carrier within the US and in the billing fields your own information, including the country of destination.
If you pay usinga credit card,remember to complete your order: Delivery address (the data of your carrier in the US) and Billing address (your own data which must match the billing address of your credit card).

If you pay using Paypal, first add the address of your carrier in the US to your paypal account, then complete your order: Delivery address (the details of your carrier in the US as recorded in Paypal) and Billing address: (your own data in the destination country which must also match with your Paypal account data.)

We have a team of advisors who are willing to accompany you in the process of your first and future purchases, clarify concerns about product, payments and shipments. If you do not have an assigned Sales Representative yet, please go to the following link and complete the contact form.

Write to with your information and as soon as possible we will contact you to provide advice and accompany you in the process of your purchase.

You can make your purchase by calling 1-888-265-6313 US Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

You will always be welcome to our facilities, we are located at 3390 NW 168th St. Miami Gardens, FL 33056 USA, our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

6.Minimum Purchase

Contact Information:
- Telephone: 1-954-391-5124
- Toll Free: 1-888-265-6313
- Fax: 1-888-501-6344
- via our live chat located right on our website.
3390NW. 168th St
Miami, FL 33056 USA
Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST

Shipments for purchases with final destination USA and Canada
- We will send the merchandise through Fedex, you can process your order online and the system will show you and include the cost of shipping according to the destination.
- Keep in mind that the shipment includes a tracking number and delivery requires the direct signature of an adult.
- Be sure to enter the exact and correct data when you are processing the order.
- If you have any questions, you can use the chat service on the page to receive assistance.

International deliveries
Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru: We ship through out a freight carrier we know, or you can also use the one of your choice.
Other countries: We can refer you some freight carriers with whom we have shipped merchandise in the past. Check with your Sales Representative, if you do not already have one assigned, please complete the following form
- Keep in mind that the function of a freight carrier is to receive your order within the US, take it to your destination country and manage the merchandise income with you.
- You can search Google for freight carriers that can provide this service.

- is not responsible for any item that may be stopped, lost, stolen or any charges that may be associated with customs.
- We cannot change the amount of your invoice or provide a second invoice for customs purposes.

the minimum purchase amount is $250 USD, this way you take better advantage of the shipping cost and you can resell your products with a better profit margin.

Yes, your Sales Representative will be happy to provide you that information.

We are able to handle large volume orders, pallets and containers. Contact your Sales Representative or email us to