Buy in Wholesale Makeup and then sell on Amazon

Buy on Wholesale Makeup and Sell on Amazon

Buying wholesale makeup at a good price and selling it on Amazon making a profit is possible, however you must take into account the following:
  • We are Distributors of more than 40 recognized makeup brands, it is not It is necessary to open a "Wholesale Account" with us, we do not open accounts or require any documentation prior to your purchase, the prices you see on the website are wholesale, so you can make your purchase online and create a user to track to orders, or create and save your shopping cart.

  • The minimum purchase amount is $250 USD, we do not adjust quantities or customize by shades. Everything is sold as it is published on the page, there you can see the product description, price and packaging unit of each reference

  • Please make sure you read and understand the description of the product on the website before placing an order, there you can see all important product information such as: weight, UPC, shades, product condition, etc.

  • All our prices are wholesale, in purchases from the third pack of the same item the page will calculate a % discount automatically at checkout. (Does not apply to promotional products)

  • If you have a sales rep, you can access discounts for purchase volumes or special promotions by ordering through your sales rep, via email or WhatsApp. If you don't have a sales rep yet and would like us to assign one to you, please complete this form.

  • Once your order is placed, we send the INVOICE to your email, Wholesale Cosmetics is not responsible for the invoice being allowed to open the sale of that reference on Amazon, for more information see Amazon help.

  • The only documentation we can issue is a INVOICE as legal proof of your purchase (We do not have any other additional documentation) and the information on the invoice is taken from the order data (Shipping & Billing). The description of the product within the invoice is as it is on the page. This information cannot be changed after the order has been processed. 

  • We are a wholesale company located in Miami Gardens, Florida. We have shipping within the entire United States, only through Fedex.

  • We can send the total of your order directly to Amazon to a single address, we do not have a repackaging service, nor do we generate or place labels on products.

  • Please note that products with the "Liquidation" logo or "Shelf Pulls" are withdrawn from shelves, with no guaranteed expiration date, product packs may have % expired, damaged, bent boxes or store stickers. and price.

  • We do not guarantee ASIN, BATCH or UPC'S of liquidation products. For the rest of the products, we can provide the UPC code, which you can find in the product description on the website, and which can be used when publishing on Amazon.

  • In some cases Amazon may ask for a certificate of authenticity, and although we are Authorized Distributors and sell only original references, we do not have such certificates of authenticity.

  • We do not guarantee the continuity of the STOCK of the following brands: MAYBELLINE, LOREAL, NYX, GARNIER, REVLON, RIMMEL LONDON, MILANI and COVERGIRL, since we are liquidators of these brands, not direct distributors. From these brands we receive unique batches of balances and liquidations while supplies last. 

  • Please note that the only inventory available corresponds to the references published on our website.

  • You can access a list of our inventory with UPC, price and available stock from our website, by logging into your account, in the Menu Bar click on "Resources" and then click on "Inventory & UPC" within the document In the second spreadsheet you will see the list of products with the UPC code, this list is updated once a day.

  • Many of our products are final sale, which means that we do not accept returns or exchanges of products or invoicing after the order is processed, for more information review the return and refund policies.

You can get more information on how to start selling on Amazon by consulting the official Amazon guide here.