Gel Extreme Shine Nail Polish - L.A Girl | Wholesale Makeup
Gel Extreme Shine Nail Polish - L.A Girl | Wholesale Makeup
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L.A. Girl Gel Extreme Shine Nail Polish - Wholesale Display 168 Units (GCD249.1)

$277.73 USD
Price per unit: $1.65 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $4.13 USD

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  • Price: $277.73 USD
  • Units: 168
  • Price per unit: $1.65 USD
  • Weight: 25.5 lb
  • SKU: LAG GCD249.1
  • Type: Nail
  • Sold by: L.A. Girl

    Cosmetics distributors, this gel extreme shine gel-like polish delivers shiny salon-quality nails effortlessly. Fuss free formula provides intense color and shine without the need of UV light. Plus it removes easily. The new 440 bristle count brush is rounded to fit nail shape and delivers amazing application with just one coat.

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    25.5 lb