Wholesale Kleancolor Wizard Nail Polish Remover Pads Display 36PCS (NR204)


Now available in the following quantities:

  • 36 units/lot $ 0.80/unit
  • 72 units/lot $ 0.70/unit
  • 144 units/lot $ 0.60/unit


836558002049 GRAPE
836558002049 BLUEBERRY
836558002049 APPLE
836558002049 PINEAPPLE
836558002049 LEMON
836558002049 PEACH

No-Acetone, No-Mess, No-Harsh Odor, No-Fuss. Wizard Padss by KleanColor are designed to gently remove nail polish with no-mess, no-spill, no harsh odor. These portable and convenient pads allow you to remove nail polilsh whenever and wherever you desire. Its compact size allows you to toss it in your purse, pack it for trips or leave it at your desk at work for last-minute fixes.

Quantity Weight
36 2.3 lb
72 4.6 lb
144 9.2 lb
SKU xxsmall display