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Rude Cosmetics Police Eyeliner Up Eyeliner Pen Bail Bond - Wholesale Pack 6 Units (RC-87891)

$19.65 USD
Price per unit: $3.27 USD
Resell each unit in approx: $8.18 USD

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  • Price: $19.65 USD
  • Units: 6
  • Price per unit: $3.27 USD
  • Weight: 0.3 lb
  • SKU: RUDE RC-87891
  • Type: Eyeliner
  • Sold by: Rude Cosmetics

    Best makeup price and Beauty Patrol is here and is charging you are guilty of smudged not lasting, undefined eyeliner but that is all about to change with Rude Cosmetics Police Eyeliner up.

    Eyeliner pen so precise, it is the new law!   Long lasting, bold color guaranteed  a single stroke will last all day long. Pen applicator and fine tip allow you to be in complete authority. Whether your style is defined or bold this penliner will do you justice.

    0.017 oz

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      602989878917 BAIL BOND

      0.3 lb